Our Policies


Arkay Pak is a company manufacturing & exporting surgical, dental and beauty instruments for international markets. We understand that our employees may have a hazard by performing their activities and using raw materials, natural and artificial resources.

Arkay Pak is committed to continuous improvement of its OH&S Management System for the achievement of healthy, safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about providing the healthy and safe environment to our employees to avoid any hazards.

  • Relevant Health & Safety regulation
  • ILO Conventions related to Health & Safety
  • Workplace Standard’s requirements

To sustain this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of occupational health & safety management system of OHSAS 18001:2007.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.


We believe that safe & healthy working environment is the right of every employee and organization is committed to maintain and continuously improve the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions by adoption of Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.


It is the policy of Arkay Pak that HR department would hire the appropriate person as per vacant job specification without any gender discrimination. The entire applicant will be treated according to their qualification and job requirement under consideration of merit base. Moreover HR department will hire the employee by use of all possible means like advertising in newspaper, chamber notice board, factory notice boards, banners on road and also www.rozee.pk website.


Arkay Pak has developed this policy by considering and implementing in the light of ILO conventions 138 & 182 already ratified by Govt. of Pakistan that a child equal or below the age of 15 years of age is not allowed to work inside factory premises or any of its workplaces or manufacturing process at any circumstances.

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